Our mission at Floortek Surface Solutions is to provide a holistic approach to the treatment of concrete surfaces.


We believe our work speaks for itself and is a reflection of the pride and passion that leads us.

From the moment concrete is placed, our goal is to improve its aesthetics and maximise its lifespan. From decorative finishes through to high-performance protective coatings and comprehensive waterproofing systems, our clients can count on our expertise and experience to ensure their project is in safe hands.

Since our humble beginnings, we have developed into an industry leader, through our drive for innovation and our quest to deliver nothing but the highest quality workmanship. This has allowed us to develop and maintain valuable relationships with an array of repeat-clients, ranging from large-scale construction firms, government departments, right through to boutique builders.

Embedded in everything we do is a desire to provide our clients with an excellent project experience and a sense of integrity in our dealings.