Concrete Curing

Around the globe, concrete is seen as staple ingredient in any construction project. It is instantly recognised and associated with strength and durability, but these characteristics are not achieved without one fundamental element, and that element is the curing process.

Curing is the process of regulating the rate and extent of moisture loss from concrete during cement hydration. As it can take concrete up to a number of weeks before it can to get close to reaching its maximum strength and durability, it is essential that an adequate curing policy is executed for a suitable period of time. Failure to manage the curing process adequately can result in weak and fragile concrete that is inclined to shrinkage and cracking.

Our experienced and highly skilled team are the perfect choice to ensure your curing process is managed correctly. We endorse environmentally friendly solutions that satisfy AS3799 – Liquid membrane-forming curing compounds for concrete, whilst always maintaining consideration for subsequent floor finishes and selections.

Consult with an expert at Floortek Surface Solutions to establish the most appropriate concrete-finishing procedure on your next project.