Protective Coatings

Our protective coating systems have been developed to provide our clients with concrete finishing treatments of the highest performance and durability. Through our vast amounts of knowledge and innovation, we can offer long-lasting, seamless flooring solutions to satisfy any environment, including:

  • food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities
  • workshops and storage warehouses
  • anti-static systems
  • non-slip surfaces
  • dustproofing and densifying

Due to our extensive experience using epoxy, polyurethane and various other resin-based coatings, our clients can trust us to protect their surfaces from foot traffic, forklifts, acids, chemicals, oils and solvents.

As each and every projects’ demands vary, we are readily available for consult by our clients to design, execute and maintain their flooring systems in order to provide the maximum protection and life-span to their investment.